Duterte to de Lima: You made-up a scandal

If you are a public officer, you’re life is an open book.

President Duterte has no pity to spare for Sen. Leila de Lima, adding that she deserves the lightning that hit her.

“She created the scandal she knows she is a public official iskandalo nay an sa human rights skandalo na niya yan sa justice dept, spare the family?…pagka nasa public office ka de lima your life is an open book,” Duterte said in an ambush interview in Cotobato on Thursday (August 19, 2019).

Duterte was unmoved when told that the senator was emotional when she appealed to the President to stop resorting to character assassinations. “Kasi totoo kasi totoo nahuli siya. Imagine, he took oath to the public…taking in your driver as paramour?,” he added.

The President exposed the senator’s supposed driver-lover who acted as her conduit for getting payolas from druglords at the national pentitenciary.

H/T: politiko

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