Duterte to De Lima to swallow CD recording of her lies

President Rodrigo Duterte is still seething from then Human Rights Commissioner Leila de Lima’s attempt to link him to the summary killings undertaken by the Davao Death Squad.

This explains Duterte has always had an axe to grind against de Lima which was unfortunate as they came from the same law school, San Beda.

In a speech in ‎Camp Crame last Wednesday, Duterte said: “I willl show to you the CD when she first investigated me in Davao for human rights violations. Before the press enteried the hotel lobby, she said i will prove that Duterte is connected to the DDS, Davao Death Squad.”

“Until now, she keeps on yakking and she has forgotten the tape that I had recorded. I would like her to eat it in my presence,” added Duterte.

But Duterte said the better part of him stopped him from forcing de Lima to force somethin down her throat.

“I cannot do it because it is not an accepted edible food for human beings,” said Duterte.

H/T: politiko

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