Duterte: ‘Stop contractualization or I kill you’

President Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte explained during his speech on Wednesday that he is planning to punish business owners who practice contractualization or “endo” (end of contract) by summoning them to his office, shooting them, and then sending them to the funeral parlor.

“I’m telling this to you. I’m just issuing a warning. You choose: Stop contractualization or I kill you,” Duterte stated before the members of the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting, which included Catholic priests and nuns. Duterte explained that his position as the President gives him the immunity to threaten people with murder.

“I can utter things like that. I am [the] President. I have immunity. I can summon you. I will shoot you [and order] ‘Bring him to the funeral parlor. You’re making me angry,’” the President said.

Duterte said that during his time as the mayor of Davao City, he used to summon people and policemen who break the law in his office and then slap and kick them one by one.

Duterte pointed out that the government cannot inspect and close down every business in the country that practice endo, so his solution is to just kill the business owners. However, Duterte later clarified his statements.

“[But] that’s just hyperbole,” the President said, eliciting laughter from the audience.

Contractualization is the illegal practice of some business owners who hire employees for less than six months in order to bypass the law which requires employers to regularize their workers who have been working for them for over six months.

Ending contractualization is one of the promises made by President Duterte during his election campaign, along with ending the illegal drug trade, eliminating corruption in the government, creating peace with rebel groups and changing the form of government to federalism.

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