Duterte: Kung hindi susunod ang China sa UN ruling sa South China Sea,may digmaang mangyayari

President Rodrigo Duterte says China has no choice but to reckon with the Philippines’ landmark victory in the United Nations (UN) ArbitralTribunal and respect the territories of all countries in the South China Sea.

“Whether we like it or not, that arbitral judgment would be insisted not only by the Philippines but by the— all countries dito sa Southeast Asia,” said Duterte in a speech Wednesday at a military camp.

These countries include Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, and the United States. He said that China has taken the diplomatic route to boost ties with the Philippines, including offering to build rehabilitation centers for the 600,000 surrenderees.

“But the problem is what about us? What about the issue between us? We will not raise hell now because of the judgment but there will come a time that they have to do some reckoning about this,” Duterte said.

“I hope China is dealing with us in good faith. They seem to be conciliatory but we are not insisting on the arbitral judgment. I know they are listening to us now. Nahihigop nila tayo satellite eh pero they better come up with ano ba talaga ang gusto nila,” Duterte said.

While it was inevitable that the US would “use” the Philippines for its interest, Duterte said the country should “chart our own course for the national interest of this country” such as preparing for conflict with China.

“I’m afraid that if we could not understand each other, we have to pray for that. You have to do something,” said Duterte. Duterte explained that this was the reason why he was building up the country’s military capability in preparation for such an eventuality.

“What way can we best defend our country? Paano ba natin maipagtanggol ang ating Inang Bayan in our own little way because we are not that rich,” said Duterte.

“But I am sure and I guarantee to them na kung kayo pumasok dito, it will be bloody and we will not give it to them easily. It will be the bones of our soldiers pati na yung akin, isali ninyo,” Duterte added.


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