Duterte: Funds of some party-list groups go to the New People's Army

President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday alleged that some party-list groups have links to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the fund they receive from the government only goes to the New People's Army (NPA).

"Mao gani ang party-list, dili nako musugot. Ug dili hawakan sa isa ka pamilya... Ang kanang mga party-list--kay pila ra gud ang 200,000--naa pud ang komunista diha [That's why I will no longer allow party-list in Congress. If it is not being represented by a family... Those party-lists--200,000 is just a small amount--the communists are with them, too]," he told before 1st Infantry Division in Labangan, Zamboanga del Sur. Duterte said the money some party-lists receive will only go to the NPA, the armed wing of the CPP.

"Katong usa, ilang representation sa ilang mga guards, security guards, anak ug dakong--binuang na. Dayon gamitun sa NPA ang kwarta nila, asa man muadto? Eh di didto sa ilang grupo. Mamalit ug armas, tabang ngadto sa ilang mga kaalyado. Mao na diha [A party-list of security guards is being represented by a child of a big--that's a joke. Then, the NPA will use its funds, where will the money go? It will go to their group. They will buy arms to their allies. That's how it is]," Duterte pointed out.

"Kung naay pagbag-o sa Constitution, which is being discussed now, di nako musgot anang party-list [If there will be a change in the Constitution, which is being discussed now, I will no longer allow party-lists]," he added.

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