Duterte: Arrest, dismiss ISIS indoctrinators in Mindanao

President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered the military to validate the presence of alleged ISIS indoctrinators in Mindanao and immediately arrest and deport them once reports against these persons have been confirmed. "I have been informed that a lot of Caucasian-looking people are conducting teachings. Walang armas, wala lahat except the guys and education. They are foreigners. I told the military to validate it, and arrest all of them and we will deport them for acts iminical to--" the President cut his statement.

He issued his statement at a press briefing late Thursday night in Davao City. In a speech delivered before troops in Zamboanga del Sur on Wednesday, Duterte revealed that there are Arab-looking missionaries in some parts of Mindanao, which may be the start of ISIS threat in the country.

"Tan-aw lang nako, three to seven years from now, magaproblema ta sa ISIS. In some parts of [the] island of Mindanao, naay mga tao na puti. I supposed mga Arabo na. They are here as missionaries. Wala silay armas. But they are into [indoctrination]. Maoy kahadlukan [As I see it, three to seven years from now, we will have a problem with the ISIS. In some parts of Mindanao, there are white people. I supposed they are Arabs. They are here as missionaries.

They don't have arms. But they are into [indoctrination]. That's what we should be scared of]," Duterte told the troops. "Sama sa mga komunista... kana moy delikado kay ang ginaluto nila ang utok [Just like the communists... that's alarming because they are conditioning the minds]," he added.

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