DILG: 50 mayors, hundreds of barangay captains are protectors of drug lords

The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) has its own list of local government officials involve din illegal drugs with 50 mayors and hundreds of barangay captains in bed with the drug lords.

In a briefing in Malacanang, Sueno said the DILG has its own matrix of drug protectors separate from the list read by President Rodrigo Duterte.. “We have our own — what’s this — our own record. So, maybe… I know the President has many sources. So we have our own source — records also,” said Sueno.

“This is all throughout the country All I can say is that, there are more who were not announced by the President. They are validated up to now. We are not sure (if they will be named and shamed), but this is up to the President,” Sueno said. He said the sheer number of the mayors and barangay captains involved in the drug trade showed the extent of the drug problem and validated the President’s all out war against drug lords and pushers.

“This says that the problem on drugs is enormous. It has gone — what’s this — it has expanded not only in one province but all throughout the country. This is why the President— We can understand the passion of the President in really eliminating drugs because it has proliferated, mainly because of the protection given by our local executives and our police,This is why maintindihan natin kung gaano siya ka-passionate ang ano niya. This is his primary mission, really why he run for President, to save our country from the clutches of drugs, the menace of drugs,” said Sueno.

But naming and shaming the mayors is one thing, filing a case against them in court is a more difficult task as the DILG is finding out. In the case of mayors mentioned by the President as involved in the illegal drug trade, the DILG chief said many of the local executives came to his office to deny their involvement.

“Although they denied their connection to the drug trade, the good thing is that everyone agreed to open themselves to investigations,“ Sueno said. The local officials mentioned have already signed their waiver for the DILG to investigate them, so we are now in the process of investigating all these mayors,” he disclosed.

On the other hand, Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr. of Albuera, Leyte is back in his office, according to the DILG chief. But he spoke with PNP Director General Ronald Dela Rosa who said that there is no warrant of arrest yet issued against Espinosa although the CIDG has already filed cases of illegal possession of firearms and the possession of 11 kilos of shabu. “We are just waiting for the warrant to come out so we can arrest him,” Sueno said.


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