De Lima react owning house linked to 'driver-lover'

MANILA – Senator Leila de Lima on Friday denied reports that she owns a house in Urbiztondo, Pangasinan which is reportedly being used by her alleged driver-lover.

A day after President Rodrigo Duterte said he would not back down on his attacks against the former justice secretary, De Lima told reporters the chief executive's accusation that she was involved in drugs was an absolute lie.

De Lima said she opted on Thursday to keep mum about the president's accusation since she had already previously denied this. She said, however, that some of Duterte's allegations were "true," but that most of them were "exaggerated."

The broadsheet, Philippine Daily Inquirer, on Friday published a photo of a house in Urbiztondo, Pangasinan, where De Lima's driver supposedly lives.

Duterte on Wednesday accused De Lima of having had an illicit affair with her driver. He also linked him to the drug trade, saying De Lima's driver-lover collected drug money for her in the last elections. On Thursday, Duterte said he will not stop until De Lima answers for her alleged involvement in illegal drugs.

"Hindi ako magkasundo kasi ang pinag-usapan namin, droga. Galit ako sa droga. 'Yung drayber niya, naglaro. 'Yung drayber niya, gumaganoon na rin, kaya hiwalay na siya," Duterte told reporters after his speech in Camp Siongco in Maguindanao. (There will be no reconciliation because what we're talking about is drugs. I hate drugs. Her driver toyed with drugs. Her driver used drugs, that's why they've separated).

Duterte also believes he did not go overboard with his accusations. "I did not (go overboard), but she did. Sige siya, pinagbibintangan niya 'yung mga pulis na ganoon, ganoon, ganoon. P*t*ng*na, namamatay na nga 'yung pulis, o. G*g* siya," Duterte said.

(I did not, but she did. She accuses cops of this and that. - expletive- this cop died, o. She's stupid.) He also said he is confident about his evidence against De Lima, a former justice secretary and chair of the Commission on Human Rights. Duterte said he would not file a case against the driver as he (driver) can be used as a witness against De Lima.

An emotional De Lima on Thursday shot back at Duterte for "abuse and misuse" of power by launching a personal attack against her after she questioned the spate of killings linked to his war on drugs.

De Lima also warned that her fate could befall "anyone who does not bow to the wishes of the President."

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