Senator Leila De Lima claims that President Rodrigo Duterte may face charges of humanity related crimes at the International Criminal Court for the spate of killings related to drugs that have significantly increased ever since he became the President.

She clarified however that she was not threatening the President. "There are some experts who are saying that, if this spate of killings go unabated and unchecked, it could reach that point that the ICC could send a prosecutor to our country and investigate all these for possible prosecution under the Rome Statute.

That is not a joke. The last thing we need right now is for our dear President to be subjected to an investigation by an international tribunal like the International Criminal Court," De Lima told the Inquirer explaining that the drug-related killing have been "widespread" and "systematic" and might constitute humanity-related crimes.

"I am not threatening the President. I am just stating a fact," she explained. "The element of the crime against humanity that is ‘widespread’ is already present. We have more than a hundred, almost reaching a thousand [deaths]. I think it is not debatable that it is now widespread."

She further insisted, proving her allegation that the crimes may be deemed systematic saying:

"The systemic element [of the crime] is said to be the one that is difficult to prove because of the State and the leaders’ deniability. But then, the pronouncements of the President and PNP General [Ronald] dela Rosa, from the campaign period until now, may be considered as evidence."

She explained that her intentions were clear and she only hoped to help Duterte in fighting the drug menaces.

Furthermore, she added that once a case have been filed at the International Criminal Court, he will not be protected by the immunity provided by his presidency.

H/T: philnewsportal

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