De Lima and her partner in activity on top of drug operations at the Bilibid

Sen. Leila de Lima is on top of drug protection racket at the national penitentiary. Apart from her driver-lover Ronnie Palisoc Dayan, a Justice undersecretary is also in cahoots with the senator and her supposed lover.

According to Duterte, De Lima is the highest ranking official in the drug operations inside the Bilibid– allegedly conniving with druglords who continue to control drug production and distribution even if they are in jail.

“There is also a governor. You know, he is my friend and I cannot believe it but he is there. There is a governor and an undersecretary,” Duterte said.

He identified the undersecretary involved as Francisco Baraan. President Duterte said he is ready to reveal the details of de Lima and her cohorts in the drug protection racket inside the Bilibid.

“I will show to you maybe this week the matrix of the Muntinlupa connection. It will show her role there,” Duterte said. Duterte said proper agencies are validating further the matrix before he would make any formal revelations.

The President’s statement came while the Senate committee on justice and human rights chaired by de Lima is conducting an inquiry into the summary smuggling in the country.


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