BREAKING: Duterte terminates corrupt appointees in government

Toe the line! President Duterte reiterated on Tuesday that all presidential appointees should stop corruption at all costs.

He said those who would continue to ignore his directive should leave the government or be fired.

“Eh, pero ba’t… Sinabi ko na: ‘Stop it.’ Ayaw nilang maniwala eh. So, those who are really under my control, whether there is due process, if I fire you because I fire you, it could only mean one thing that you are into graft,” he said.

Duterte admitted he tried to accomodate some who were appointed during the last administrations but they should follow his mandate against corruption.

“Ganito ‘yan eh. I have even friends there who were placed at my behest. I was friendly with Aquino, I supported them during his election. I supported Arroyo. Marami akong mga one, two or three…,” he said.

In many instances, Duterte said government officials should live within their capability to avoid resorting to corrupt activities.

The Palace has issued Memorandum Order #4 which directs all presidential appointees, especially during the past Aquino administration, to tender courtesy resignation. Performing assets will be retained in their respective agencies, who will vouch for their hardwork and integrity.


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