BREAKING! Bato Dela Rosa tells drug users : 'You can kill drug lords'

Drug users and pushers were explicitly told by Police Director General Ronaldo “Bato” dela Rosa to “kill the drug lords” because they can. According to the PNP Chief, these drug lords can kill because they are the victims.

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During his speech in front of hundreds of drug users and pushers gathered at the BAYS Center in Bacolod for the “Pagtipon Para Sa Pagbag-o (Gathering for Change),” “Bato emphasized on the right of these drug users and pushers to kill the drug lords. “Ano gusto niyo patayin? Gusto niyo patayin, patayin niyo. Pwede naman kayong pumatay eh, wala kaso, kayo naman ang biktima (Do you want to kill them? Kill them. You are allowed to kill since you are the victims),” said dela Rosa to the crowd.

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Dela Rosa highlighted the difference between the mindset of the drug lords as against those of the pusher and the user. He said that drug users only think of how to obtain drugs and use it, while the pusher’s only problem is finding a way to get the supplies and how to earn a profit from them.

He said that both pushers and users fail to recognize that they are also victims of the bigger problem, and that they are merely being used by drug lords to become wealthy.


According to “Bato” since drug lords don’t handle the drugs, they don’t have any problem as they don’t get arrested. He also urged drug users to go to the houses of drug lords, pour gasoline on them and light them up.

“Kayo kung gugustuhin niyo, kilala niyo naman ang mga drug lords dito, di ba? Puntahan niyo, buhusan niyo ng gasoline yung bahay, sindihan niyo. Pakita niyo na galit kayo sa kanila,” said Dela Rosa. (If you want, since you already knew the drug lords, go to them, pour gasoline on their houses, and light them. Show them that you hate them.)

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