Bato admits PNP can’t back up claim Peter Lim a drug lord

CEBU CITY-Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa on Monday admitted the Philippine National Police did not have enough evidence to prove that Cebu businessman Peter Lim was a drug lord. “So far, what we have are just intelligence reports that there’s a drug lord in Cebu with the name of Peter Lim. But we know that intelligence reports don’t hold water the condition, ” the PNP chief said in a news conference right here. “I’m not saying that Peter Lim is just not a drug lord. And I’m not saying that he’s a drug lord. But I don’t believe intelligence reports would certainly come out on the blue. Drug lords would often deny their involvement in illegal drugs,” Dela Rosa mentioned.

In Manila, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II told reporters the National Bureau of Investigation was in search of to generate “the identity and the culpability” on the Peter Lim that President Duterte stated was obviously a drug lord. He mentioned the Division of Justice could only start an analysis after the NBI filed charges up against the suspect. You'll find 400 men and women named “Peter Lim” in Cebu City alone and 4,000 across the nation, in accordance with the NBI. The Cebuano businessman met with Mr. Duterte in Davao City on July 15. Mr. Duterte told Lim to submit himself to NBI investigation to demonstrate that they had not been a drug lord. Dela Rosa said it had become difficult to come up with drug lords essential. “They come in clean. You cannot pin them down via legal techniques,” he mentioned.

“For a number of years, these drug lords have reigned. They acquire our prosecutors, judges, prison officials, as well as the media. Now will be the time to kill them. This is not just a joke. This can be war,” he said. “If I see among them now, in case nobody is watching or there isn't any CCTV, I will really shoot them,” he added. Lim, web-sites at least five organization entities in Cebu, denied being a drug lord although he along with his brother Wellington had been summoned just before a congressional inquiry in 2001. The names on the brothers had appeared on a police watch number of leading drug personalities because 1997.

Two former employees-Bernard Liu and Ananias Dy-testified up against the Lim brothers through the inquiry, detailing the businessmen’s alleged involvement in illegal drugs. Liu and Dy, that had worked at Hilton Heavy Equipment properties of Peter and Wellington Lim, were subsequently killed separately.

But the NBI has to date failed to validate the accusations contrary to the brothers.


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